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Trail Bikes 35mm Mesh Angeled Air Filter (1.25 Inch) - Z50  XR50  CRF50  CT70  XR70  CRF70

TB Parts Mesh 35MM (1.25 inch) Angle Air Filter
Z50, XR50, CRF50, CT70, XR70, CRF70
Pricing: $12.95


Trail Bikes Mesh Air Filter for 20mm / 24mm Carb Angle Type

Fits: 50cc & 70cc Motors
Z50, XR50, CRF50, CT70, XR70, CRF70 & Various other models

Similar to the K&N Filter, this filter is better suited for trail riding and street use. Optional curved filter which could allow some extra room on tight fits.
Fits the TB 24mm Carb & TB 20mm carb

Additionally, this filter only fits the 20mm and 24mm carbs listed on this site as well as Keihin 18mm and 20mm carbs

35mm opening /1.25 inch