Fast50s - Roots
Should the kids be the only ones to have fun? We think not...

We say ROOTS because almost every MX, SX, BMX, Car-racer, Mountain-bike racer etc… A hero or not so hero started out riding a Honda 50, from there they moved to bigger and better things! …Did they really? Most of them kicked themselves after they sold there prized 50. Usually they did so only, because they got too big to ride them. The fun never diminished, just the size of the 50 does as they grew physically.

After years when one becomes successful or not so successful, they become grounded and go back to their "Roots". Most adults are now buying the Honda 50’s for their children. Should the kids be the only ones to have fun? We think not… that is why we decided to make high performance parts for late model and even some of the early model z50 and xr50’s

We were catching many adults sneaking rides on their youngsters motorcycles, so we thought let’s make the bike a little more user friendly to the adult. With the extra weight and girth that most adults carry, we also needed to strengthen some of those parts as well. So if you are going to be armed with a Honda 50. Make sure that your 50 is decked out with all the parts that will make it a "Fast50s Factory 50"