6th Annual Minibike World Championship Hollister Hills SVRA, CA - October 7th, 2006

Fast50s Riders appear BOLD

Open Big Bike Vet 30+/200lbs.
1st-James Ptaronski
2nd-Robert Wells
3rd-Marc Tucker

Open Mini Expert
1st-Ryan Beat
2nd-Mike Northrop
3rd-Joel Ard

49cc Stock Beginner - 6 and Under
1st-Jonah Francisco
2nd-Cort Mason
49cc Stock Beginner - 7 to 9 yrs.
1st-Blade Hildebrand
2nd-Jesse Crocker
Open Mid Amatuer - to 9 yrs.
1st-Ethan Sanders
88cc Mod Amatuer - 7 to 9 yrs. 
1st-Justin Francisco
110cc SS Amatuer - 7 to 9 yrs.
1st-Blade Hildebrand
Open Women
1st-Shelby Hildebrand
2nd-Nicole Cooksey
3rd-Melissa Hendrix
Open Mid Amatuer - 13 to 15 yrs.
1st-Michael Tollison
Open Mini Amatuer - 13 to 15 yrs.
1st-Cobe Willis
2nd-Sean Zaidi
110cc SS Amatuer - 13 and Older
1st-Alex Cody
2nd-Brandon Poling
3rd-Greg Young
Open Mini Amatuer - 16 and Older
1st-Alex Cody
2nd-Jesse Wawrzyczek
3rd-Mike James
Open Big Bike - 13 and Older 
1st-James Ptaronski
2nd-Robert Wells
3rd-Alex Cody
88cc Mod Amatuer - 13 and Older
1st-Bryan Merk
2nd-Chad Dalbeck
3rd-Nick Gust
Open Mid Expert - 16 and Older
1st-Ryan Beat
2nd-Mike Northrop
3rd-Sean Catucci
Open Mid Amatuer - 16 and Older
1st-Alex Cody
2nd-TJ Huggins
3rd-Chad Vankirk
Open Expert - 16 and Older 
1st-Marc Tucker
2nd-Freddy Poli
100cc Big Bike Stock- 13 and Older 
1st-Demetri Jammings
2nd-Curtis Valdez
3rd-Ken Keegan
49cc SS Amatuer - 13 and Older 
1st-DJ Skaggs
2nd-Jasen Caputo
3rd-Alex Cody
Open Amatuer - 13 and Older 
1st-Joey Nizuk
2nd-Rick Berhorst
3rd-Coy Sanders
Open Vet 30+/200lbs.
1st-Junior Perry
2nd-Robert Wells
3rd-Brian Bognuda


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