2nd Annual Fast50s Arena Cross Challenge

Sacramento, CA.

Friday night saw some great action starting in the heat #1 where last years Champion and current points leader, Fast50s Dave Lodermeier had some troubles. He had a great start but got his foot caught up with another rider and lost his DVS Shoe... the right one. Lodermeier was able to battle through from near last finishing in the final transfer spot to make the main.

In the Heat #2 there was a battle up front with Fast50s rider Mike Northrop coming away with the win, close behind was Steve Caballero (yes the skateboard guy and yes my hero as well) Fast50s own Brent Davis rounded out
the top three and was headed to the main.

In the main event there was a huge crowd that was cheering and enjoyed the 50s it appeared more than the big bikes. Fast50s Lodermeier got a great jump followed by close Dean Hofmaster, Dean flew through the whoops faster then anyone and was a sight to see. There was a great 3 way battle going on right behind them was Fast50s Brent Davis, Kris Millazzo, and Fast50s Mike Northrop. It was a clean race around as the track seemed to be a bit like a one lined freight train and was tough to pass on. The finish was Lodermeier as he looks for a perfect season, Hofmaster finished close behind followed by Millazzo, with Northrop and Davis rounding out the top five.

Saturday night's show brought saw some excitement with Fast50s ride Mike Northrop setting the pace in practice and his heat race by jumping a double section only completed by the pros on the big bikes. Mike was able to hold off Lodermeier for the heat #1 win. Was this a turn of the tides for Lodermeier? The main event will tell all.

In heat #2 Fast50s rider Brent Davis pulled the holeshot with Reno Motorsports rider Paul Mudd right behind. Davis left the door open and Mudd pushed him out wide in the first corner. Mudd went on to win followed closely by Davis and the rest of the pack.

The main started with Levi Humphrey, Lodermeier, Davis, Millazzo, Northrop
and Gary Hassler. Levi was fast, but Lodermeier was on his tail but could not but together a pass. Fast50s Mike Northrop was coming through the pack jumping the double every lap making up time on the field, after starting near the back of the pack.

Speaking of back in the pack Fast50s Jason Wackerly, who had a win on Saturday night of last years Reno round was looking a little rusty but speedy as ever but cart-wheeled his way into the crowds hearts in the big in the whoops. Levi Humphrey ruined Lodermeier's dream of a perfect season. Lodermeier second, third went to Paul Mudd, Northrop and Davis again rounding out the top five.

Look for Fast50s team riders having heaps of fun at a race near you!!


  Point total after Rd 4 of 6
(next rounds Tacoma, Washington)
Pos. Rider name Pts. Team
1. Dave Lodermeier 98 Fast50s
2. Brent Davis 80 Fast50s
3. Paul Mudd 67
4. John Wilson 61
5. Mark Walker 61
6. Justin Jones 60
7. Robert Crum 49
8. Gary Hassler 43
9. Kris Millazzo 41
10.Liam Shubert 39 Fast50s
  Round 3-4 Sacramento, CA

Results: Friday Pts.
1. Dave Lodermeier 25 Fast50s
2. Dean Hofmaster 23
3. Kris Millazzo 22
4. Mike Northrop 21 Fast50s
5. Brent Davis 20 Fast50s
6. Phil Blurton 19 Fast50s
7. Mike Morretino 18
8. Mark Walker 17
9. Andrew Holl 16
10. Robert Crum 15
11. Kevin Steed 14
12. Justin Jones 13
13. Chad Glissmyer 12
14. Gary Hassler 11
15. Danny Ryder 10
16. Steve Caballero 9
17. Ed Cratt 8
18. Liam Shubert 7 Fast50s
19. Ryan Schuppert 6
Results: Saturday Pts.
1. Levi Humphrey 25
2. David Lodermeier 23 Fast50s
3. Paul Mudd 22
4. Mike Northrop 21 Fast50s
5. Brent Davis 20 Fast50s
6. Kris Millazzo 19
7. Gary Hassler 18
8. Jason Wackerly 17 Fast50s
9. Von Wilson 16
10. Jevon Hall 15 Fast50s
11. Andrew Holl 14
12. Justin Jones 13
13. Robert Crum 12
14. Mark Walker 11
15. Kevin Steed 10
16. Danny Ryder 9
17. Ed Craft 8
18. Liam Shubert 7 Fast50s
19. Keith Divingilio 6 Fast50s
20. Steve Caballero 5

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