The story and some scuttlebutt!!
It has taken us well over a week to get the straight up story from our MiniBike Superstar Mike Storm what happened at the Mini 4-Stroke Challenge in Puyallup, Washington.

There where over 40 pro entries which was all Superstar Mike need to make him show up. A bunch of guys and gals riding minis.Mike had a very short practice, but the locals knew the layout well. The track was simple enough for him to figure out and he enjoyed it. Storm said "It was a super nice layout".

Mike was there and ready to do battle with all the other up north guys, after travling from San Diego, Ca where he just came off a big win against David Pingree, Guy Cooper and some other hero's of Mx. This weekend however wasn't going as well for the Fast50s rider.

In practice Superstar Mike hyper extended his elbow in an early practice session but decided to race anyway. "Those whoops are gonna be tough on my elbow, I am going to have to roll them and try to make up for it everywhere else" Storm said to his mechanic Roohelio". If you know Mike he is not one to make any excuses so he didn't tell anyone else, not even his team manager at Fast50s until today. (hence why this is being written, because all over the minibike internet there are guys "spraying" cuz this is the first time Mike has not finished in the top 3 while riding for Fast50s.)

Make note whoever you are, Anyday.. Anywhere there is always someone better than you no matter how bad you think you are, Mike looks like a punk but he is a level headed cool guy that happens to tear it up on a mini just a few reasons why he is a Fast50s guy.

Now lets go to race ACTION!
There where three qualifiers to seed 11 riders into the main event.
The start was in the mud outside in the rain, then it jumped into the arena where it was nice and dry.

Storm holeshot and pulled a little lead over another rider out of the Pacific North West, he tried to conserve his energy and figure how to ride without any pain.

50 pro Main event
Again the 27f bike Piloted by Mike Storm was out front after the start and was going good but when it came to the dreaded whoop section. He's was forced to back off and the guys would real him in a bit which made for some good battling out front for the crowd to see. This lasted a few laps more until Storm made a mistake jumping a step up and endowed hard and tagged his already sore elbow into the ground from about about 8 ft. up.

His beautifully prepared Fast50s "Factory 50" bike cartwheeled bending his cheap mild steel "NON FAST50s" bars (we repeat not our bars) and he was unable to finish his first mini biking outing.

Now mind you Mike's bad night had a good side to it, he now could watch as the other guys took all the glory tonight instead of him and Trevor Krogh it through his first night of racing without a boxing match resulting. Hey superstar Mike please tell daddy what happened earlier next time, If there is... :)

50 Pro Results:

1- Kyle Coen 
2- Daniel Krick 
3- Casey Kenfield 
4- Nick Schmidt 
5- Phil Enat 
6- Daniel King 
7- Mike Crowell 
8- Trevor, Bell Helmets.
9- Aaron Morgan 
10- Ryan Villalon 
11- Mike, Bell Helmets, DVS, St. Johns Honda, Insane Terraine.

50 Stock Results:

1- Travis Broguiere 
2- Ryan Broguiere 
3- Drew Lattimar 
4- Michael Denison 
5- Ryan Zerr 
6- Erik Lindley 
7- Reed Petchnick 
8- Tim Gese 
9- Brandon Kamin 
10- Daniel Bartholomew 
11- Robert Russell

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