Round #2, El Cajon, CA

The m4sra put on a great race that included some big fun on the track as
well as the surrounding pit and vender row areas. This race showed to be one
of the biggest to date with Girls, Limo's and music that all made for a very
festive occasion for. The track included some great obstacles to show the
riders skill. The speed's were fast as well, you needed to be precise to be
able to clear some of the jumps. The light was a little poor on the whole
track as the turn photo of Storm shows, but any night riding a mini is a
great night.

Racers there included ( but not racing) Jeremy McGrath and Grant Langston
with more riders checking out the scene as well.

Top pro 125 Supercrosser and Racer X Magazines David Pingree was on hand to
duel with the boys and have a fun time twisting his wrist a bit. Pingree is
a crowd favorite. Also on hand was 1992 125 National Champion Guy Cooper.
Cooper had some bike problems that kept him down on this night but he will
be back, Cooper is the man.

Racing action in moto 1 had Fast50s rider Mike Storm from Beaverton, Oregon
pulling a big holeshot. By the end of lap one he had already quite a lead,
because he was the only rider in the whole pro class clearing the big double
in and out of a back corner section. By the moto's end Storm had won by 17
seconds over San Diego's Josh West. 3rd was a unknown rider with Pingree
taking 4th at the finish after a bad start. On bad note McGraths former
mechanic and part time Mountain biker Randy Lawrence got himself banged up a
bit in practice in the midsize class.

In moto # 2 Fast50s Storm again pulled a holeshot, this time followed
closely by San Diego's West and David Pingree. They hung tight and showed a
wheel or two on Storm for about a lap until he smoothed out and finished
again with first place honors winning this moto by only 10 seconds. Pingree
made us all proud by not letting down and making a last lap PRO pass on West
to inherit 2nd at the checkers. If Pingree would have made a clear shot in
moto 1 he would have been 2nd overall but he had to settle for 3rd behind
West and Storm. 

Mike Storm said "The race was great. To be lined up next to a legend like
Guy Cooper was waay cool, I had a great time down there"!

In kids news there was a great turnout by mini stars such as: Ktm's Zach
Osborne and Team Green's Ryan Villapoto and Blake Bagget. Villapoto
dominated the kids class at this event.

50 Pro Results:

1st Mike Storm Fast50s, DVS, Bell helmets, St Johns Honda, Insane Terrain,
2nd Josh West
3rd David Pingree

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