Walters whips em at the Vet World Championships!!
Fast50s Spud Walters went 3-1 to win the Vet World Championship at Glen Helen Raceway.

In the +30 Pro class, SuperMoto regular and shred head Jeff Ward holeshot and was flying in both motos. About 2 or 3 laps in Tony Amaradio made a pass on Ward and led for a bit before Hughes got by. Back in the pack, Doug Dubach and Spud were both working their way to the front.

Moto 1, Hughes cruised out front after passing Amaradio and Ward for the lead. Dubach was second with Spud in tow after they came from back of the pack.

Dubach saw Walters closing rapidly 2 laps to the end, Spud took a try at passing Dubach but he cross rutted and crashed. Spud had a little gap on Ward in 3rd so he mounted back up and grabbed third spot.

In moto 2 Jeff Ward again got the early lead, Hughes looked like he would take the top spot again, but then something happened.

Hughes hit a hay bail or something and bent his shifter and lost about 3 laps bending it back then restart his 450 Ktm. Then this of course made things a bit interesting and it appeared Dubach was going to repeat as champion as he had 9 times out of the last 10 years.

Dubach grabbed the lead, with Spud in a close second. Dubach dropped his yz450 late in moto 2 exiting a fast right hand corner. He jumped to his feet, as Walters approached, then he reached out with both arms like Frankenstein and tried to grab American Honda/White Brothers/ backed Walters.

Spud was lucky enough to have the level head to not retaliate and went on to win the moto, of course if your good at math he also grabbed the overall win. Dubach restarted his bike and was able to get 2nd in moto 2 and that was 2-2 for 2nd o/a. Jeff Ward finished 4th in moto one and 3rd in moto 2 which was all he needed for the 3rd box.

There has been alot of scuttlebutt after this race, many spectators have been emailing all the online mx sites about Dubach deal... I.e.. What's the dealio Dr. D? One guy joked and said from "From what I saw, I think the Dr. needs a psyche doctor.

Doug was asked after the moto what happened, he said, "I figured I'd block at least a portion of the track to force him wide, and maybe see if he'd bobble. But then he rode right at me, so I just tried to grab him. He was going too fast."

Spud had called the Fast50s office and jokes about it all, cuz Spud is just a cool guy and just was happy to beat Doug. He did say "I guess the guy could not handle me beating him" To his riding ability think of this... Spud bike had only a WB pipe on his new stock 2004 CRF450, Not bad huh?

Either way as you may have figured out Spuds in "Doug's Dome" now and I am sure Doug will remember this and hope to take it back from Spud next year, but all for Spud we support him and hope he remembers that last lap and only see's Doug as he looks down the next lower step next year!!

You go Spud, we dig you big!!


Results 2003 Vet World Championship
Glen Helen Raceway San Bernadino, Ca

1. Spud Walters (Hon)
2. Doug Dubach (Yam)
3. Jeff Ward (Hon)


Here is Spud Walters knowing he'll be dropping that #2 to a #1 at next years World Vet race!!
Here's the nice pic of Doug Dubach trying to tackle our beloved Spud Walters, how could anyone do this you think? We too ask that same question!! :)
Doug Dubach, Fast50s Spud Walters and Legend Jeff Ward stand atop the podium at the 03 Vet World Championship. Spud is all smiles and this win is a great end to this Mx Season for Spud, Honda and White Bros.
All pics are transworldmx shots

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