Fast50s rider Craig Mason went to race SuperMoto in Belgium. The Mettet Starbiker and Superbiker race at the "Jules Tacheny Circuit" in Mettet, Belgium is one of the years biggest. He went with other Americans: Check out the picture of KTM's Ben Carlson, White Brothers Steve Drew, Englands Phil Gee (Was a fill in US racer), Team Suzuki's Kevin Swantz, Fast50s rider Craig Mason, Supermoto regular Casey Yarrow, Darrick Lucchesi, KTM rider Chris Fillmore and back up racer American Dave Green. (not pictured is stand in's Australia's Shannon Johnson and Great Britain's Leighton Haigh) The trip was big fun for all involved and we are looking forward to more fun with Freddy Tacheny and his whole cast of characters!!

Thanks, we Americans have a bit to learn from the Euro's in SuperMoto!! Also special thanks to all at Rg3 Suspension, Bell Helmets, Joe Rocket leathers, Sidi boots, Rob at DFX Powersports, (Jorg & Andy) Marcel of Maxxis tires, B.B. at Braking and Paul at Orange brakes, David Sadowski of Speed TV, Dave "Lippy" Lippet, Mohawk Richard, #165 Paul Rhodes, Tom the Austrian of KTM and Johnny Z from KTM and Benny's Momma and Big C.Fillmore for keeping us out of trouble!! You all are super great people and big fun!! Please forgive if I forgot anyone.

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