"Another ones video pops up" The brainchild of Trent Griswalds of New Atomic Productions, "3rd Gear Pinned" the video came out this week, and it's pretty darn good. Originally sponsored by us here at Fast50s.com then it was picked up in the last few days of filming by Sani Racing,

Check out all the cool Fast50s stuff these guys ride with. "Crazy Jump guy" Chris Clark (who by chance learned to back flip from Travis Hart does copious flips and a big jump onto the roof of his parents house (they can't be happy about that huh?) and mad 80mph street runs, Some guy riding a 50 pretty well with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth!! Some wild & crazy stuff!!! Kids 50 riding cool but smoking is not!!

Hey check it, if you have a few extra bucks!! posted by

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