Owenboro, Kentucky's Tommy and Nicky Hayden are accomplished riders on anything they ride. Street bike, dirt track, SuperMoto, Mx etc... (whatever they ride they pretty much rock) Both these guys ride a "Factory 50" by Fast50s in their spare time. We are very proud of this. There dad not only knew how to make champion motorcyclists, these guys are as laid back as they are cool! They are the best representatives anyone could have.

Again we are proud of all they do for and in the motorcycle industry.

Btw Factory Kawasaki backed Tommy #22 is running 3rd with 253pts. in the Suzuki 750 Super Stock Class and is 9th in the Supersport class as it travels the U.S. and Honda of Europes #69 Nicky is blazing a trail and turning heads in his first year in MotoGP and is the first place American in europe right now running 10th o/a with his best finish thus far being a 5th at the last round.

Hey!! ...ever play Moto GP 3 on Playstation 2? Waaay Sweet!

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