Fast50s team rider David Lodermeier #260f started out a bit slow in the "1st ever 50cc 4-Stroke ArenaCross series" Sponsored by Clear Channel & Fast50s!! This was a 6 race series, that was a huge hit with the fans and rider's alike. Lodermeier's score in Reno, NV was a 4th on Friday and a 4th on Saturday.

His Sacramento weekend saw him card another consistent outing but he bettered his two 4ths with two 2nd place finishes in Friday & Saturdays mains. His first win of the season finally came on the Friday night of the final Oakland Rounds. He followed that up with a 2nd on Saturday night behind his main competition, Fast50s founding father Craig Mason #120f who went 1-2 at Reno, then 1-DNF at Sacramento. (DNF was from a blown clutch basket that smoked out the crowd and was heard through the highest stadium seats) he finished up the series up with a 2-1 at the Oakland Rds. Mason and Lodermeier smashed each other pretty good in each nights main events, this proved to be the most interesting round with very tight racing. That one DNF was enough to dash Mason's championship hopes. Notable mention goes out to Stanford Ranch, California's Brent Davis.

Davis rode great the entire series to finish 3rd O/A. (Brent is a sweet fella and is our "B" Class runner. He can run the leaders pace and he only rode the pro class as a "Exhibition". He proved his skills and smarts could pay the bills when he turns pro and is running the pro nationals maybe later this year. :)

For the results for the series if you have not seen them,
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