Fast50s part time crf70 rider Nicky Hayden finally won his first Grand Prix in front of a packed home crowd this afternoon at Laguna Seca.

Nicky really dominated the whole weekend for his first GP win. He led all his timed qualifiers and sessions and then led the Moto GP race from the start to finish. He maintained a 2-2.5 second lead for most of the race. Nicky was never challenged for the lead. He had a one second gap over second place after the first lap.

Other Fast50s part time mini rider Colin Edwards made a great run to try and catch the pace of Nicky, eventually passing his team-mate Valentino "Hi my name is Tino and I'm Soo Super Arrogant" Rossi on lap four for second place. Edwards sliced the gap from himself to Hayden to less than 1.8 seconds at one point but, Nicky answered with bringing it back to 2 seconds the next lap. Edwards was unable to get any closer.

Hayden's ex-teammate and now Camel Honda rider Alex Barros and Telephonica Movistar rider Marco Melandri crashed out of the race in turn 11. Melandri was in second place in points coming into this event. Carlos Checa also crashed in a un-related event.

Other P/T mini guy and Telephonica Movistar rider Sete' Gibernau finished in the lead group for 5th on the day, not bad at all for his first time at Laguna.
It was waay cool, Nicky did his victory lap with his father Earl on the back of his RC211V machine. (And if you have seen a RC211 its not so comfy since it's a one seater) :)

Some of the 58,000+ fans who attended the race today stormed the track on the cool down lap.

The event actually saw well over 153,000 for the whole weekend. It was history in the making... a great day for a great guy. We were pumped to be there to see it. -Fast50s.com

p.s. Please note "Tino" Rossi was cursed early on in the weekend, with the now famous ".6 Pinky swipe" to the tires by Vermont Fast50s rider Adam ".6" Juzek, 
Our thanks go out to Adam for helping Nicky and the OWB out like that.



Moto GP 
Laguna Seca Raceway

Monterey, California
July 10th 2005

1. Nicky Hayden USA
2. Colin Edwards 
3. Valentino Rossi 
4. Max Biaggi Italy
5. Sete' Gibernau 


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