Fast50s Riders appear BOLD

Arnaud Adam won the 88c class going away at St. Etienne, France last weekend. This race was at the Annual Cyril Porte French Mini Moto SX. Arnaud Adam and Mathieu Thiebaut spent a few days at the Fast50s compound last year and we rode stock Fast50s in the mud like mad men. It's no wonder these boys rip on 88cc bikes. We are proud of you guys to do so well at such a big and prestigious race. Merci Mes Amis - Tres bien!! Yeah I know the spelling is wrong but what the heck we are from the USA here. :)
88cc Class

1) Arnaud Adam / UsWay
2) Stephane Faivre
3) Yoann Paccard
4) Julien Geslin
5) Mathieu Thiebaut / UsWay


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