Hey everyone!! As you can see we have a brand new website here!! We are still in the race shop almost everyday making great mini parts for you to pop wheelies and rip turns with even more cool stuff!!

Enjoy the new website and email us at info@fast50s.com with any suggestions for the site!! (We build cool mini parts not websites) :)

We are the original mini bike company and we actually ride these great bikes at the races, the backyard and all over! We do not just make parts, we put a part of us in each part!!

We will answer the phone when you call and not make you email us for months for an answer...!! (Well most of the time anyway unless we are riding our minis and that DOES happen!!) :P

We look forward to helping you everyday enjoy your mini even more!

Cheers in 3 Gears!!

Fast50s.com Planet Earth USA!!!

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